Hello! I'm Emily, owner+stylist

I change my nail polish weekly because it makes me happy. I’ll drink lemonade all year long, and listen to 90’s Pandora in my car with no shame! I’m always looking for inspiration in everyday life. Thankfully I live in the gorgeous state of Colorado where there is SO much beauty in both nature and the city!

I strive to make our world better and try to live the most authentic and beautiful life that I can. In my professional life I love the special bond I form with my clients as I help them plan some of the most emotionally fueled and happy days of their lives! I love honing in on my client’s style and bringing out their personalities with subtle touches and nods to their lifestyle. Event planning, especially wedding planning should be so much more than a color scheme and your linen and floral choices. It should encompass emotion, creativity, innovation and intimacy!

Pink peonies, peach-green tea lemonades from Starbucks, a stack of fashion+design magazines and patios are some of my favorite things! Shoot me an e-mail or give me a call and let’s discuss how RSVP can be part of your vision!